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I'm Nari Kaur and I have over 15 years experience of Coaching Women & Men in areas of Confidence Building, Goal Setting, Mindset Motivation, Building High Self Esteem, Public Speaking, Productivity & Purpose & much more. I have also spent 20 years in the corporate world in the Aerospace Defence and Rail Industries in leading positions of authority and responsibility. I have worked across the globe and experienced many cultures which has taught me a lot about human behaviour and the intricacies of soft skills that help people stand out in their power.




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Nari Kaur

Founder of SkyHigh Coaching

Nari is an academic - she loves learning and is passionate about all things Personal Development. She has two Graduate Degrees, an MBA, is a qualified Master Life & NLP Coach  and comes with a wealth of experience in the corporate world in the Aerospace Defence and Rail industry. It is her mission to help people to self actualize their skills and abilities & fulfill their potential in an array of different fields. Nari says "We see many examples of people regardless of how qualified and experienced they are, holding themselves back from setting and achieving those all important goals which are aligned to maximising their potential, whether that be a well deserved promotion, changing careers, starting a business or simply focusing on their training and development which can open up horizons for career progression and diversity. 

This is where Skyhigh Coaching fits in,  we can assist you in all areas of personal development, building confidence, improving communication skills including public speaking, integrating emotional intelligence, navigating complex relationships, setting healthy boundaries and combating imposter syndrome.  Our service is unique as it's built on the foundations of independent research, proven theory around psychology, transformational methods with a proven track record of success and the personal experiences of the founders. Rather than an array checkbox methods our services are generated with the personal requirements of the client at hand and the desired outcome in mind. We understand and accept that each client is different and therefore they will start from a different place with their own needs, hence our training is bespoke and tailored to each individual client.

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A bit about me, I have worked in 3 large blue chip corporate organisations, in high pressure environments and am highly accustomed to the demands of a modern hectic working lifestyle and at the same time managing a work life balance for general wellbeing.  I have always been good at listening and offering sound advice to others, this coupled with my passion for human psychology and behaviour has landed me where I am today as a Master Coach inspired to help people to reach their potential and flourish in life. One of the most fulfilling outputs of my programmes is to see a client gain the confidence and motivation to take concrete actions towards their goals and as a consequence to gain ultimate freedom & liberation from old self limiting belief patterns. Over the years I have embarked on a number of coaching modalities as follows:

  • Qualified Master NLP Coach
  • Qualified Master Life Coach
  • Qualified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping Therapist
  • Qualified Mindfulness Coach
  • Qualified Time Line Therapist
  • Qualified Theta Healing Therapist
  • Cognomie Mental Fitness Coach 

Why work with Nari

Expand your potential

Our focus is on working with the mind harnessing various tools to expand your potential, build resilience and unlock limitless possibilities. We deploy cognitive, emotional and behavioural aspects into our coaching which gives clients a holistic approach to their development.

Get Control of your life

We have developed our very own 6-step flagship programme to bring alignment for the clients mind body and soul. It offers a structured way to get from a client’s current state to a new paradigm in their life that they may have previously considered impossible. This process allows the client to pull back their power to gain total control of their life choices and decisions which will have a real impact on the direction of their future.

Comfortable Environment

Clients are able to discuss their topic of choice where they may be experiencing resistance or sabotage in a safe, and non-judgmental environment. From the client's perspective we understand that you want to work at your own pace, so you decide and it’s all done in a relaxed and comfortable way.


Lizzy Res

I met Nari through an International program. She instantly inspired me through her energy, her ability to be articulate and her knowledge and experience through her roles as a senior manager in STEM organizations. As a business colleague and partner, she is simply brilliant. She is structured, goal oriented and deeply articulate. I was also coached by Nari, one-on one. She helped me to move past my stuck points, to move forward on my journey of transformation. She listens and cares about my progress. She helped me to identify and re-frame my blockages, so that I can change my lite! Nari is an amazing coach and business woman. I am deeply thankful that I have had the pleasure  to meet and work with this inspiring and special lady.

Self Driven Fitness

With the help and support from Nari I have been able to scale my business to a whole different level. She has provided me with the right mindset tools and techniques and helped me to establish my niche by working on my strengths and developing areas that needed improvement to go from being a part time business owner, to now a full time thriving business owner. Nari is relatable, very well spoken and full of ideas which will help you scale to the next level in whatever you would like to achieve in life. Nari is easy to talk to which makes it very comfortable for the client to express their worries and needs in a relaxed manner. Her understanding and ability to coach in a precise way to meet your needs made the transition for me effortless in a way I could not have imagined. I would highly recommend Nari to anyone who needs help with starting a business, mindset motivation and career coaching.

Shelley Mclnroy

Nari is professional, direct, and practices with a deep and intuitive approach that gives one a sense of ease in her presence. She is very perceptive and is quickly able to help one get to the issue at hand. She is educated, knowledgeable and trained. Fully recommend working with Nari.

Hema Patel

Coaching with Nari has been fantastic like a 2 in 1 equipping me with tools that are transferable to achieve both personal and professional goals. She has a great warm energy and aura which makes it so much easier for someone (like me) who finds it difficult to open up especially about the deep stuff and delving in to unlock all the hidden blocks to really be set free and make a positive change. When I met Nari, I was at a point of leaving my full time job in London to pursue my dream of starting my own marketing agency, she devised a structured plan with goals which I found extremely useful and it helped me to flourish and transition into this next stage of my life. Her commitment and dedication to me as a client to understand my needs/desires and her passion for her work shines through, making what can be quite a daunting and heavy process seem so seamless and effortless. Self worth, self love and fear based thinking were pretty challenging areas for me that blocked me from moving forward but Nari has helped me recognise and honour my values and worth, she has provided me with fundamental tools to channel them effectively in order to consistently improve myself and elevate in all areas of my life. The golden nugget of all she has helped me feel more confident and happy inside when empowering my choices and purpose. I highly recommend Nari as a coach, it's one of the best investments you'll make to yourself - A powerful quote she used in our very first session which helped me and one I will always remember 'When the pain of not changing becomes greater than the pain of changing is when it's time to make a change

Agi Z

SkyHigh Empowerment Coaching helped me with career coaching.

Nari guided me through a commercial dispute at work and coached me on a clear plan of gaining career progression to reach a promotion and finally get my dream job.

Her tools for empowerment and confidence building were amazing

and I would definitely recommend Nari to anyone looking for accelerated career progression or is suffering from stress at work.

Eve S

Nari is a naturally talented life/mindset coach. Having her as a coach has accelerated my development in many areas of my life. Her confidence, skills and charisma empowered and helped me to adjust my mindset in order to reach my true potential. She helped me to unravel my belief system and discover things that were holding me back. This helped me move on from many old habits and self sabotaging programmes to a place of living a passionate and fulfilling life that is aligned to my desires and aspirations. I am now well on the path to achieving my life goals and have made lots of meaningful changes for a more prosperous future. Truly I can recommend Nari as your life coach.

Joe Taylor

I received Coaching from Nari on developing my soft skills for leadership. She is empowering, structured, goal orientated & people centered. Being coached by Nari helped me to develop a new found confidence, motivation and resilience and I was no longer held back by previous sabotaging patterns. She helped me to reframe my thoughts to an empowered place I never previously envisaged for myself, whereby my life was transformed both in my career and personal life.

Sandra Burrows

Nari is a great example of setting and achieving goals and she teaches this in an authentic, relatable and realistic way to others which makes it easy to integrate. Her knowledge, skills and confidence helped me to adjust my mindset which geared me up to reach my potential. She helped me to unravel my belief system and pinpoint the things that were holding me back. This pushed me to move from old destructive habits and self sabotaging patterns to a place that is aligned to my purpose and life goals. As a result I have made lots of meaningful changes for a better future.

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